Off to the wild woods…

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I am taking the Mr. for a birthday camping trip this weekend. I kinda wanted to show him one of my favorite spots, somewhere I haven’t taken him yet, but he said he wanted to go back to the place we went last year for his birthday because it’s “our spot” now. Fair enough, birthday boy! It is also sort of a celebration trip because, due to recent events I will not go into, things appear to be looking up for him… and that means things are looking up for the both of us. I’m very excited for him, and so glad to be able to take him on a celebratory birthday camping trip! Photos to follow, I’m sure.

I also really need a vacation for me. I feel like I “shouldn’t” need one, but I do. All the “shouldn’ts” are going to have to take a number. Just getting away from the computer and leaving cell reception will do me much good. Three cheers for birthday camping! I’ll be back staring at my shop stats page and reading about seo again in no time. Blerg.

Ignore that I am in the middle of talking. We 're two happy kids!
Ignore that I am in the middle of talking. We ‘re two happy kids!

The first order has been shipped!

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It was strange to be a little sad that someone bought this necklace. I mean, the whole point is to sell it so I can have fun making more stuff. But the thing is… I liked this necklace. For me. My precious! MINE!  Oh dear…

But the truth is, I never wear anything I make. People have asked me why I don’t, and I don’t know what to tell them. Partially out of laziness maybe (simply not wearing jewelry at all, except the stuff that never comes off, like my rings), but I think that somehow things I make lose some of their specialness in my eyes. Maybe somewhere in the back of my mind I’m feeling like “Meh, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it UP CLOSE  for an hour and I broke my nail in half trying to wrap the wire!!” so it becomes old hat…? I’m just theorizing. It’s also true that while I’m working on a piece I tend to see just the flaws, the tiny things that I’m afraid other people will see and tell me I am dumb for not being better at (which is nothing because everything I do is 100% perfect, right?). My mom has told me no one will notice but me — and she is correct that I can be very obsessive about tiny details — but I think it’s important to notice these things.

Moving on to the actual point of this post: I shipped a package! I very much hope the woman who purchased this item does NOT check my blog. At least not until after she gets her package, that is. I put in a surprise gift and it’s just no fair if she peeks on here first. I can’t help but post the pictures now, though. She purchased a necklace, after which I made the earrings to go along with it. ImageImageImage

The “BIG” 10

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I now have 10 items listed on Etsy. I feel like there should be about 50, considering how long it took. I can already tell I’m getting faster at it, but I think at the expense of telling a good story. I am supposed to get BETTER at that, not worse.

Learning to Light

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Here is one in my experimental line of photos, testing lighting conditions in my back yard and some of the silly filters on instagram.