No big deal

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I am trying not to be too disappointed that the person who purchased the necklace, giving me my first etsy sale (see previous post), did not mention my free surprise gift at all in the feedback she left (and only left me 4 out of 5 stars but seemed to have no complaints). It’s silly, but i guess i expect people to be as excited to get surprises as I am to give them. I’m trying not to let this bring down my spirits, though. I must persevere and continue to send out surprise items! Yes.


The first order has been shipped!

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It was strange to be a little sad that someone bought this necklace. I mean, the whole point is to sell it so I can have fun making more stuff. But the thing is… I liked this necklace. For me. My precious! MINE!  Oh dear…

But the truth is, I never wear anything I make. People have asked me why I don’t, and I don’t know what to tell them. Partially out of laziness maybe (simply not wearing jewelry at all, except the stuff that never comes off, like my rings), but I think that somehow things I make lose some of their specialness in my eyes. Maybe somewhere in the back of my mind I’m feeling like “Meh, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it UP CLOSE  for an hour and I broke my nail in half trying to wrap the wire!!” so it becomes old hat…? I’m just theorizing. It’s also true that while I’m working on a piece I tend to see just the flaws, the tiny things that I’m afraid other people will see and tell me I am dumb for not being better at (which is nothing because everything I do is 100% perfect, right?). My mom has told me no one will notice but me — and she is correct that I can be very obsessive about tiny details — but I think it’s important to notice these things.

Moving on to the actual point of this post: I shipped a package! I very much hope the woman who purchased this item does NOT check my blog. At least not until after she gets her package, that is. I put in a surprise gift and it’s just no fair if she peeks on here first. I can’t help but post the pictures now, though. She purchased a necklace, after which I made the earrings to go along with it. ImageImageImage

The “BIG” 10

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I now have 10 items listed on Etsy. I feel like there should be about 50, considering how long it took. I can already tell I’m getting faster at it, but I think at the expense of telling a good story. I am supposed to get BETTER at that, not worse.

First listings are UP!

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I’ve put up my first listings on Etsy. It feels good because I know I’ve sorta been putting it off, in part because I’m scared. In LARGE PART because I’m scared. heh. Don’t even get me started on what I’m scared of. Pick something. Even though it feels good to have listed a few things, I must of course keep reminding myself that the scary things could happen at any time. That’s just how my brain works.

I keep reading that you shouldn’t list tons of stuff at once (“tons” being subjective, I guess). Maybe it’s just supposed to be in proportion to the total number of items you have waiting to be listed. I dunno; I have about 30 items ready to go up, but since that number is pretty low, from what I’ve read, I’m thinking I should list them two or three at a time. Wait a few hours? Wait a few days? If I had 500 items to list, maybe I’d put them up 30 items at a time. It feels weird to have a shop with so few items, and my impulse is to just keep listing until I can’t list anymore so things look more fleshed-out. I’m trying to exercise some restraint here, which is hilarious considering the energy I was putting into procrastinating just a few days ago.

The grand opening blowout-sale-a-palooza-thon!

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The bulk of this is taken from my current Etsy shop announcement, but I’ve also added some info for this post:

Right now a lot of the items I’m listing are either old stock (pre-Etsy store), made from “gifted” components (things people gave me which may or may not be my style), or are simply made from components that I’m trying to use up to make room for new supplies (because I am addicted to buying new sparklie things).

I feel kinda awkward about it, but the first things I list on Etsy may not be representative of the kind of work I do or the kind of shop I would like to have. I can’t bring myself to open a separate shop for these “other” items though. I’ve seen people who have a different shop for each style of thing they make — like, they’re all earrings but some are sleek and modern and some are funky throwbacks, while some are hippy-dippy bohemian, each being listed under a different shop name — and I think I understand why they do it, but it’s not for me.

side note: As much as I love getting beading supplies as gifts (my parents got me sheet metal and new little hammer for xmas, which I adore), it often means that I have NO idea where the thing came from or what it’s made out of. I have many metal findings of unknown origin and material; is it craft store quality metal? Plated base metal of some sort? Silver plated base metal? Silver plated something else? I got some “925 silver” ear wires that are really soft and, sadly, pretty much useless (I won’t be putting these on anything I sell… I’m just trying to figure out what to do with them). I can’t bring myself to give it all away, but some of it I honestly just have no idea how I’d use it. I LOVE using vintage or found components, but not when we’re talking about ear wires and chains. I’m more picky about those. I also have tons of beads from before I started organizing things better, keeping things on their strings or in their bags, and I have zero idea what they are. The most I can tell you is “umm yeah they’re glass of some sort… yup.” This bothers me and I want to strangle the old me for just dumping beads into little containers all willy-nilly.

All this has given me a great desire to cleanse my stash. I feel like I have to do something with these older, unknown components, but I also feel like they’re in my way, keeping me from making the stuff I really care about. So I’m doing a little spring cleaning to get my studio in shape for some of the bigger and more complicated projects I’ve been day dreaming about.

What does this mean for Etsy shoppers? It means that I’m having a grand opening blowout-sale-a-palooza-thon! Many items listed in the coming weeks will be at discounted prices. It also means that items listed right now are likely made in a style or from components that you will not see again here (individual listings will generally state if this is the case). Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Is it a bad idea to start with a sale? Who knows! I’m goin’ for it! Maybe it will make people think my stuff is cheap-o. Is it worse to just list them at their already-discounted prices or to have that little price slashy font strikethrough thing show up that shows the “old price” and the new price? I feel like that’s worse. Every time I see a shop with zero sales and all their stuff “on clearance!” or whatever, it just makes me feel sad (but not in the “aww I should buy something from them!” way that they may be hoping for).