Slow and steady

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I want to sit down and write something really positive. I want to write that everything is going perfectly. All I can think of, however, is that my body is dumb for not being able to keep up with my mind. It’s so frustrating! I look at the items I’ve got ready to list on Etsy, and what I see are the items I want to make in the future, items I wish I was listing instead but that I haven’t even begun to work on . For every item I finish making, there are 100 ideas for new styles, techniques, and combinations I want to try — most of which I’ll probably never get around to doing! For every piece of jewelry I make, there are 10 other kinds of projects I want to be experimenting with (sewing, mostly), other types of products I want to add to the shop.

So really, everything is going fine.. I just wish it were going fine faster! I’m thinking maybe if I eliminate eating and sleeping…


Step one

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Create blog account. Done.

I’m not sure yet what I will put here. Just random thoughts and ideas, pictures of things I’m working on. It’ll be a place to go where I can think, and hopefully get some meaningful feedback from good folks.