About Me

Hoban likes to get as close to your face as he can at all times. AT ALL TIMES.

Hello there! My name is Amanda and I like to make stuff. I was born and raised in Northern California, right next to the ocean, surrounded by fog and redwoods (and sometimes sunshine). This, I suppose, is where my a lot of my inspiration comes from: the area I live in, even after all my years spent here, still seems so fresh and full of subtle mysteries. It’s a sort of strange and quirky place, but somehow manages to preserve its majesty.

I’ve spent most of my adult life working in libraries (except for that time I worked in a video rental store) and love the opportunities that libraries offer people. I have a love for informal education settings in general; museums, zoos and libraries are, for me, much better places to learn than the standard classroom. I am very hands-on and mouth-open, so was never much good at sitting and listening to a lecture.

I have a degree in Anthropology and originally intended to go on to grad school to study Cultural Ecology, or Museum Education, or something. I was interested in just about everything (which, in my mind, made Anthropology the perfect major). But just when I had finished my BA, life happened and I ended up moving back to my little home town, where grad school seemed like a distant and impossible dream –  not to mention that I had much bigger problems to deal with.

But all of that is done now and I’m here on my metaphorical mountain, looking out at all the possibilities.  It is both exciting and terrifying.  I lost my job and my steady housing situation at around the same time, and after months of looking for work (in a land where libraries keep getting their funding cut and layoffs reign supreme), I decided I should finally open up that Etsy shop I keep dreaming of. I certainly have the time now….

In this blog you’ll find stories of my triumphs and tragedies, as I attempt to capture in my arts and crafts the qualities I so admire in the world around me. This will be the story of my little hobby business, from beginning to end (however long it may last). I suspect that at times it will feel like pushing a boulder up a mountainside. I can’t ask you to make this journey with me, but you’re welcome to check in here from time to time to see how it’s going.


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