Boxes, boxes everywhere

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I desperately wish this were a post to say that I am about to list a bunch of new things on Etsy but, alas, no. I’m getting ready to move. It’s such a pain — often literally! I’m sure many other folks with a craft or sewing room feel my pain when it comes to having to box up all your supplies, which you have only just started to organize after your last move (even if it should all be put away by now), only to unpack them at the new place and realize that for some reason the puzzle won’t go back together again. I’m moving to a smaller (but nicer) house, and I will not have the advantage of a lot of the awesome built-ins and big closets I have now. I am dreading trying to make it all fit. But once that is over with, I have some wonderful new ideas for Maybe Mountain that I will be very eager to start. And OF COURSE my new craft room will be 100% organized just days after I move in. Why wouldn’t it be?  



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