First listings are UP!

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I’ve put up my first listings on Etsy. It feels good because I know I’ve sorta been putting it off, in part because I’m scared. In LARGE PART because I’m scared. heh. Don’t even get me started on what I’m scared of. Pick something. Even though it feels good to have listed a few things, I must of course keep reminding myself that the scary things could happen at any time. That’s just how my brain works.

I keep reading that you shouldn’t list tons of stuff at once (“tons” being subjective, I guess). Maybe it’s just supposed to be in proportion to the total number of items you have waiting to be listed. I dunno; I have about 30 items ready to go up, but since that number is pretty low, from what I’ve read, I’m thinking I should list them two or three at a time. Wait a few hours? Wait a few days? If I had 500 items to list, maybe I’d put them up 30 items at a time. It feels weird to have a shop with so few items, and my impulse is to just keep listing until I can’t list anymore so things look more fleshed-out. I’m trying to exercise some restraint here, which is hilarious considering the energy I was putting into procrastinating just a few days ago.


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