The grand opening blowout-sale-a-palooza-thon!

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The bulk of this is taken from my current Etsy shop announcement, but I’ve also added some info for this post:

Right now a lot of the items I’m listing are either old stock (pre-Etsy store), made from “gifted” components (things people gave me which may or may not be my style), or are simply made from components that I’m trying to use up to make room for new supplies (because I am addicted to buying new sparklie things).

I feel kinda awkward about it, but the first things I list on Etsy may not be representative of the kind of work I do or the kind of shop I would like to have. I can’t bring myself to open a separate shop for these “other” items though. I’ve seen people who have a different shop for each style of thing they make — like, they’re all earrings but some are sleek and modern and some are funky throwbacks, while some are hippy-dippy bohemian, each being listed under a different shop name — and I think I understand why they do it, but it’s not for me.

side note: As much as I love getting beading supplies as gifts (my parents got me sheet metal and new little hammer for xmas, which I adore), it often means that I have NO idea where the thing came from or what it’s made out of. I have many metal findings of unknown origin and material; is it craft store quality metal? Plated base metal of some sort? Silver plated base metal? Silver plated something else? I got some “925 silver” ear wires that are really soft and, sadly, pretty much useless (I won’t be putting these on anything I sell… I’m just trying to figure out what to do with them). I can’t bring myself to give it all away, but some of it I honestly just have no idea how I’d use it. I LOVE using vintage or found components, but not when we’re talking about ear wires and chains. I’m more picky about those. I also have tons of beads from before I started organizing things better, keeping things on their strings or in their bags, and I have zero idea what they are. The most I can tell you is “umm yeah they’re glass of some sort… yup.” This bothers me and I want to strangle the old me for just dumping beads into little containers all willy-nilly.

All this has given me a great desire to cleanse my stash. I feel like I have to do something with these older, unknown components, but I also feel like they’re in my way, keeping me from making the stuff I really care about. So I’m doing a little spring cleaning to get my studio in shape for some of the bigger and more complicated projects I’ve been day dreaming about.

What does this mean for Etsy shoppers? It means that I’m having a grand opening blowout-sale-a-palooza-thon! Many items listed in the coming weeks will be at discounted prices. It also means that items listed right now are likely made in a style or from components that you will not see again here (individual listings will generally state if this is the case). Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Is it a bad idea to start with a sale? Who knows! I’m goin’ for it! Maybe it will make people think my stuff is cheap-o. Is it worse to just list them at their already-discounted prices or to have that little price slashy font strikethrough thing show up that shows the “old price” and the new price? I feel like that’s worse. Every time I see a shop with zero sales and all their stuff “on clearance!” or whatever, it just makes me feel sad (but not in the “aww I should buy something from them!” way that they may be hoping for).


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